About Us


"It all started over pizza, beer and a mutual respect for one another…”

Sullivan Kerr may be the new operator within the Victorian automotive circuit, but the two names that make up the business have been synonymous with the Australian automotive industry for over the past two decades.

Revered and respected for their character, integrity, and commitment to excellence; founders Andrew Kerr, and brothers, Simon and Daniel Sullivan, have created a notable trademark of their surnames amongst their industry peers as a “first point of call” for product and market advice.

It is this common ground and mutual respect for one another that brought the dynamic trio together in 2016; and one night over pizza and a beer, the concept of Sullivan Kerr was born.


Founded on the commitment to uncover and acquire extraordinary cars for extraordinary owners – it’s the philosophy that drives and shapes our culture, formed our processes and govern the way we present, think and act with and on behalf of our clients.


Welcome to the home of Sullivan Kerr. Located only 19 kilometres outside the Melbourne CBD, Sandringham is now home to one of Victoria’s most exclusive car destinations.


“Palm-fringed streets and long-stretches of coast make an alluring backdrop to Sandringham’s other charms…scratch the surface and it only gets better.”

Sandringham is blessed with its natural glamour of stretches of golden sand and palm-fringed streets, but there’s more to this area than just sand and trees. Originally known as a “Gypsy Village” back in the days when it was little more than a fishing village based around Picnic Point. Today, you’ll find some great down-to-earth eateries, a relaxed environment and a suburb with a real sense of community culture.

Sandringham was the obvious choice when deciding where to ground the roots of Sullivan Kerr. With two of the three-business partners living within the area, and keeping with the community spirit, the accomplished partners wanted to bring something unique and valuable to the locals of Sandringham and beyond.


Built in the late 1940’s, the facility was originally built to manufacture and supply ammunition to the Australian defence force during WWII.

Today, the warehouse conversion has been renovated, re-purposed and designed with our customers in mind.


“The Sullivan Kerr showroom is more than a place of business…it is our HOME.”

Continuing to channel the spirit of the business into the design of our home, the Sullivan Kerr showroom is designed with an understated elegance.

Vintage, contemporary, and industrial style is intrinsically woven into the design of the 750sqm floor space, creating a warm and welcoming environment, inviting for you to take a seat, stay awhile and enjoy a cup of coffee, whilst admiring your next Sullivan Kerr purchase and addition to your collection.